Rescue & Recover Brunch

On May 6th, Cultured Love was invited to participate in the Rescue and Recover Brunch, put on by Raduno NYC. Through this event, Raduno collected a community of chefs, farmers, distributors, designers, and makers to celebrate food and create a place for conversation about how to solve our ever-growing food waste problem.

Raduno NYC is an organization made up of influential chefs, knowledgeable restaurateurs, and passionate entrepreneurs who were all brought together through their common love for food.Since their start in 2014, they have put on a number of events in many different cities for a variety of causes.


“The purpose of R&R is to create a fun, laid-back atmosphere where people can enjoy dishes composed primarily from ingredients that would have otherwise been discarded. R&R in the Game Room on May 6th was exactly that – everyone who participated brought their own energy and perspective, and the people who bought tickets came with curious minds. Educating people has more impact when it’s fun – that’s the goal with R&R.” – Xandre Borghetti

The event was promoted as a Zero Waste function which included uncycled cocktails and rescued foods. Cultured Love, along with Illegal Mexcal, Granor Farms, Chicago Playtest Society, The Kennison, Good Fortune, and Cafe Integral, joined forces to take damaged produce and baked goods to create a beautiful feast of recovered food.

We were happy to contribute our sauerkraut and kimchi to the “ugly salad bar” which included beautiful greens provided by Gotham Greens, abundant toppings, and fresh oils from Safi Gourmet.

The event was held in the beautiful Game Room at the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel during the James Beard weekend and all proceeds were donated to Family Farmed.



Family Farmed is a non-profit that has committed their efforts to expanding the production, marketing, and distribution of locally grown and responsibly produced food. The non-profit’s goal is enhance the social, economic, and environmental health of the communities they reach.

Through the R&R event, we were able to connect with inspiring individuals, promote our colorful krauts, and participate in something bigger than all of us. Thank you, Raduno NYC, for having us and we can’t wait to keep learning more about how we can help our community!



To learn more about the Raduno NYC group, click here to head over to their website!